Direct Sales/Franchise

If you also have the MyImpulse spirit like us and would like to be a sales partner or franchisee, then apply via email!

It is important to us that we can trust our prospects for direct sales or franchises and that they also see and appreciate the great value and potential of our company.

What we would like to see in your application:

1. Your motivation. Why you want to start direct sales or the franchise with us and why we should work with you.

2. Your career. Of course, we want to get to know our partners and see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

3. The business and marketing plan . In addition to personal characteristics, this point is one of the most important. Without a solid and good business or marketing plan, there will be no successful partnership. The risk of wasting time and resources would be too great for both sides.

Your business and marketing plan should outline which channels you intend to use for sales and the marketing strategy you are considering. That means:

  • Desired sales channels (online/store/direct sales?)
  • Marketing strategy (how do you want to advertise or draw attention to yourself?)
  • Business partners (do you work alone or do you have partners you work with?)
  • Network (Do you have an existing network? How is it structured and how do you want to use it?)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We are already looking forward to your application :)

Your MyImpulse team